Down Syndrome Association of Memphis & the Mid-South
Team Olivia - Captain: Nicole Kitchens

Welcome to Team Olivia! Please join our team to help support the Down Syndrome Association of Memphis. Over the past (almost) 2 years the DSAM has been a great resource to us and a place where Olivia has connected to so many friends just like her. I have learned that the Step Up for DS Walk is one of the main fundraising events of this non-profit organization. Please join our team if you are able to come or you can make a donation to Team Olivia! Thank you!! 

Team Goal

Team Donors
Angela Washington
Alec, Alexis, Brister, and Mackenzie
Malissa Zouboukos
Pace & Jenn McKee
Kevin Alexander
Richard Perry
Justina Ansley
Sallie Higdon
John, Josie, Elizabeth & Pearson
The Pearsons
Pam and Jerry
Constantine Zouboukos
Thea Evangelia
Demetri & Ruthanne
Leisa Davis Shapley Davis
Kikuko Lumbert
Jaxon Jones
The Kitchens
Brenda and Alan Flowers
Yiayia and Papou
S&J Applewhite
The Nichols
The Banks Family
The Taylors
Chris Gross and Mary Morgan
Mary Wesson Sullivan
Elizabeth & Don Powell
Laurie Keltner
The Dawson Family
Henson Family
Pam & Rick Pittman
Caden and Gurley
Charlie and Allison Long
Dottie Weir
Tyer Family
Tim and Janet Applewhite
Kate Brent
Kent and Kaye McKee
Sherice and Garrett Avant
Terry/Sally Caves
Tina Kitchens
Diane&Richard Pittman
Christina Melissaris
Bob and Monica
Don and Nancy Reiff
Nicholas, Mechelle, Dean and Alexandra
Deborah & ned yost
Team Registrants
Olivia Kitchens
Angela Washington
Zack Brent
Bailey Yekaitis
Malissa Zouboukos
Savannah Perry
Nicholas Zouboukos
Caden Gurley
Jeanna Kitchens
Sallie Higdon
Athena Zouboukos
Jeff Kitchens
Josie Hammons
Kara Barker
Terra Gentry
Deitra Jones
Lynley Goddard
Robin Payne
Joseph Nichols
John Hammons
Matt Winters
Nick Zouboukos
Nicole Kitchens
Brooke Yekaitis
Eric Howard
Jaxon Jones
Ashley Nichols
Sj Payne
Lainey Banks
Katie Taylor
Lynn Barker
Steven Payne
Janet Applewhite
Anthony Zouboukos
Connor Skufca
Elizabeth Hammons
Jennifer Gurley
Parks Goddard
Kinsley Yekaitis
Dottie Weir
Tim and Janet Applewhite
Chris Gentry
Mitch Goddard
Tamara Howard
Kate Brent
Susan Skufca
Corbin Chamberlain
Hunter Kitchens
Sara Winters
Zack Taylor
Caroline Gentry
Jane Brent
Carol Zouboukos
Ben Weir
Tina Kitchens
Sophie Howard
David Chamberlain
Kevin Yekaitis
Riley Yekaitis
Forest Skufca
Ashley Chamberlain