Down Syndrome Association of Memphis & the Mid-South
Team Ebonee - Captain: Ebonee Clark



This year I became a Board member of the Down Syndrome Association and I am really enjoying being able to serve there.

As always, I am excited about the Step Up Walk!  It is a lot of fun and the funds we raise help the Down Syndrome Association as they support people with Down Syndrome and their families.  Please join Team Ebonee and come join the fun!

Team Goal

Team Registrants
Devin Pinkney
Robert Scott
Alce, Jr Smith
Anthony Bland, Jr.
J.W. Gray
Huey Storms
Anthony Bland
Mona Bland
Monica Scott
Angela Holloway
Kimberly Pinkney
Makala Pinkney
Mya Pinkney
Comilynn Pinkney
Gwen Jenkins
Ricky Gray
Susie Pinkney
Dyann Clark
Teresa Weeden
Elana Pinkney
Blake Bland
Thomas Pinkney, Jr
Destiny Scott
Stacey Bland
Florence Mason
Bessie Gray
Alexa Holloway
Natasha Oliver
Gracie Pinkney
Freda Neely
Ebonee Clark
Tania Pinkney
Erica Pinkney
Barron Pinkney
Dawn Pinkney
Abram Holloway
Mason Fowler
Floyd Scales
Jewel Pinkney
Michael Pinkney
yvonne ferrell
Gary Morgan
Susan Earle
Danny Pinkney
Merlane Dowdy
Dorthey Smith
Erin Pinkney
Zoe Captino
Delores Oliver
Danielle Buchanan
Karen Andrews
Melvie Henderson
Tristan Pinkney
Edgar Bland
Mariece Pinkney
marvin pinkney
Sherry Morgan
Patrick de Vries
Charles Clark
Tonya Fowler
Patricia Anders
Stan Mosley
Neil Earle