Down Syndrome Association of Memphis & the Mid-South
Palmer's Pals - Captain: Brooks Ward



Year 2 of Palmer's Pals is in full swing. 

We couldn't have been able to make the progress and development without the help and support of each one of you. Palmer's personality has started to take shape and she will definitely let everyone know she's in the room. This past year has been amazing; the progress from crawling to starting to walk on her own, being fed to independently feeding herself and yelling at you if you won't let her. It's been a journey that we knew would be exciting from day 1 and Palmer has yet to disappoint. We can't begin to thank each one of you enough for the love, prayers, support and kind words. We look forward to seeing you all at CBU!!!!


Matt, Brooks and Palmer


Team Donors
Dorris Wilkinson
Debra Hamilton
Debbie Kaufman
McGinnis Family
Jeanie & Wayne Dowdle
Sandy Schaeffer
Brenda Keelin-Thompson
Ann Prothro
Mary Missak
Greg & Christie
Shelley Carr
Debbie an Mark
Jane Morris
Sam and Suzie Davis
The Gullion’s
Daniel V
Steve McDaniel
Dennis and Melba Wooten
Anthony Gutierrez
Brad Kirby
Julia & Paul Chrestman
Tiffanie Culpepper
Denise Tubbs
Robert Westerman
Cameron Spell
Jamie Palmer
Dell Russell-Wallace
Katarina Shumake
Kathy Fleming
Bobby & Linda Mathis
Mike Ward
Lisa Rathbone
Jackie & Chuck Cariker
Jay B. Myers
The Lowry-Schatz Family
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Jameson Carnahan
Carolyn Ward
Jeanie Dowdle
Caitlynn Hickman
Kyle Mann
Peyton Yoho
James Ward
Steven Oelke
Jonathan Yoho
Tanzy Johnson
Latrice Toombs
Maggie Courtney
Jamie Bond
Janet Sanders
Katie Oelke
Sandra Marquis
Lucas Yoho
Blair Dowdle
Shelley Carr
Kayla Allen
Debbie Perkins
Tara Kirby
Riley Carnahan
Jessica Ward
michael ward
Adam Gullion
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Marilyn LeBlanc
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