Down Syndrome Association of Memphis & the Mid-South
Fred Astaire Dance Studio - Captain: Sandra Korpitz

We’d like to ask you all to join us for the STEP UP for Down Syndrome Walk Sunday, Oct. 21st 12-4pm at Christian Brothers University.  Let’s form a big team to support our FADS Family members, JT, Amanda, and Laurie!

Team Goal

Team Donors
Scott Tomlinson
Fred Astaire Team
Phil Taylor
Stephanie Korpitz
Drake Titarelli
Mark Ballas Dance And Performing Arts School.
Team Registrants
Varvara Z
Sandra Korpitz
Lyle Wescott
Phil Taylor
A.C. Jones
Pat Moore
Lucille Bondurant
Noelle Jones
Nancy Cranford
Kate Wellemeyer
Grayson Wellemeyer
Mike McKerlie
Stephanie Korpitz
Cindy Walko
Danila Dudin
Evan Wellemeyer
Anya Drake
Chris Nickson
Saleigh Jones